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Vado Analytics is a marketing data analytics firm with locations in Dallas, Washington D.C., and Chicago.

We are pioneers in predictive defining competitive marketplaces with unique access to real-time and historical geospatial intelligence, anonymized mobile device data, and US consumer data with Commercial web traffic.

who we are
who we are
Defining Competitive Marketplaces


Defining Competitive Marketplaces

Defining competitive marketplaces involves tracking and studying anonymous consumer populations as they move from location to  location.

Our unique engagements data access to anonymized GPS data reveals locations consumers have visited from their residence.  We are then able to use a variety of 3rd party sources to learn who these consumers are, and what they are interested in.


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Who are your customers? Learn all about who your customers are, where they live, who else should be your customer, and where/how to market to them

But what about the competition? Overlay your customers with your competition to get a true picture of how you perform in the market

Optimizing Market Performance

Where should a location be placed?  Using you and your competitors’ customer data, identify the optimal site to place a new location in each geography.

Already have consumer data?  Overlay your first party information with your competitors consumers to develop a more precise competitive marketplace.

Multi-Location Analysis

Using 3rd party GPS data, learn who is visiting your location, who is visiting your competitors’ locations, and who to market to in order to increase your marketshare.

Not only can Vado tell you who and where your customers live, we can tell you all about your competitors. Build a comprehensive marketing strategy that will deliver the optimal ROI for your spend.

Marketing Strategy

You are not the only one who defines your marketplace. Competition determines how far people are willing to come to you, how they prefer you compared to your competitors, and the approach to capture marketshare.

Know how you stack up against your competitors, where to gain marketshare, and the optimal marketing plans to grow your business

New Location Placement

Stop guessing on where to open your location. Using 3rd party GPS data we can tell you the optimal area to open you new location based on who goes to your store, your competitors’ stores, and the areas that are least served in the marketplace.

Instead of guessing one of the most important aspects of your business, make an informed decision of where your new location should be. In addition, use our analysis to determine the appropriate marketing plan to ensure that your new locations is a success.

Strategic Location Selection

Our approach is to be with you from start to finish of your location expansion. We recommend where your location should be and will work with your real estate team to determine the appropriate sites.

But that is only half of the effort, we will then work with your marketing departments to implement a marketing strategy that ensures results. If we have 1st party transaction detail we are also able to provided an expected revenue forecast for the first 24 months of the new store, so you are able to plan accordingly.

Custom Analytics Projects

Our most frequent engagements. Combine the power of 3rd party GPS sources with your 1st party sales data to get a truly refined sense of the marketplace. We layer your sales data on top of your competitors’ traffic to get a sense of where, who, and how you should be marketing to maximize ROI.

Partnership Approach

Our partnership approach ensures that we will assist you with not only your initial campaign deployment, but a custom machine learning model that continuously enhances your marketing efforts to optimize ROI.

We partner with you after deployment to assist your marketing teams on enhancements to your marketing campaigns to ensure success.

Transform Your Business with Marketing Analytics and Competitive Intelligence

We treat our customers as partners, working with them until they are 100% satisfied.
Our focus is long term relationships, not short-term sales.
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We are not a marketing agency; we are an analytics firm that works with you until you are satisfied

Focused on Actionable Insights


Focused on Actionable Insights

We will work with you to develop an actionable plan to grow your business


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