Agencies are Using Analytics as the Differentiator Against Media

Agencies are Using Analytics as the Differentiator Against Media

Over the last 5 years, agencies have really started to outpace media companies. In their ability to win small and medium-size businesses away from local media.  It doesn’t help media companies that digital advertising has become the dominant channel. In today’s world since they are not own by local media companies.  But how are agencies beginning to differentiate themselves?  In our experience, it has been that media companies are beginning with an approach akin to how a consulting firm would approach a client, let’s understand who their customers are.

This really should be the starting point for all marketing campaigns, lets’s understand who we currently and would like to reach.  From there you can understand where they live, the types of media they consume, and their other interests (for messaging).  Now traditionally agencies would struggle to get this information, prior to a client engagement.  However, Vado Analytics has allowed agencies to skip that step and know who a potential client’s customers are, before they even meet with them.  This allows an agency to come in with a fully informed approach for client success.

Now if that sounds cool, what if you consider the competition?  Vado is an agency analytics firm that uses GPS data to develop competitive landscapes for any retail business in the country.  This allows agencies to know who the dominant competitors in a given area. The market share of each location, who should be winning, and where.  Furthermore, it allows agencies to advise on new location placement and even revenue projections. Traditionally this type of analytics has been reserved for the fortune 1,000 internal marketing departments or the largest agencies in the world, but now Vado is able to bring that to agencies of all sizes.  If you want to learn more, just reach out.

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