Consumer Movement Analytics


What is it?

Consumer movement analytics is the study of where anonymous consumer populations drive within a recent period of time. Our unique access to anonymized GPS-enabled vehicle data can reveal where consumers have driven between any two points in the US up to 250 miles at any time within the past 12 months.

How we do it.

Our proprietary algorithm embedded into our analytics platform, ConsumerGO, aggregates data sourced directly from our data providers. Consumer population data outputs from ConsumerGO are then analyzed by our data scientists to deliver actionable insights and media deployment recommendations to our clients.

So what?

By analyzing recent movements and demographic profiling of target consumer populations by any US zip code, we help clients reduce waste of their advertising dollars with our precise audience targeting criteria for their consumer marketing initiatives.

Our Data Sources

Consumer Geographics

Consumer Geographics

We know where consumers go. Every day, ConsumerGO ingests and aggregates historical and real-time anonymized data location points from millions of mobile devices and GPS-enabled vehicles across the US. Our data provider is a global leader in collecting, processing, and aggregating anonymized mobility data in over 80 countries.


Consumer Demographics

We know consumer segments. ConsumerGO ingests and aggregates household-based consumer data representing US households segmented by consumer demographics, choices, preferences and habits. Our data provider is a market leader in US consumer lifestyle data at the household level.

Consumer Psychographics

Consumer Psychographics

We know consumer interest areas. ConsumerGO ingests and aggregates consumer insights data that measures US consumer behavior across desktop and mobile devices to reveal how consumers make buying decisions, search for goods and services, and shop online.

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Vado means GO in Latin, lets GO determine your market.

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