Dental Analytics Companies Following The Most Actionable Practice

Dental Analytics Companies Following The Most Actionable Practice

Our services are better than other Dental Analytics Companies because these integrate easily with your dental practice software solutions as well as your communication device, Vado’s Dental Practice Analytics Service enables you and your employees to respond to your datasets.

How is your dental practice doing? No Assumptions Allowed!

Analytics services from Vado provide you with measurements and data to help you maintain your practice thriving. Knowing your key performance metrics through accurate data is critical to keeping your company prosperous and healthy.

  • Patients that are active in the record
  • Patients that are Unscheduled in the record
  • Patients that are Scheduled in the record
  • Unscheduled restorative treatment
  • Unscheduled hygiene treatment
  • Cancellations
  • New patient reappointment
  • Hygiene reappointment

Identify Booked Clients with the help of Dental Analytics Companies

Vado’s Analytics feature allows you to identify which patients have not yet been booked (but should be), allowing you to arrange such appointments quickly and conveniently using automated text messages. Patients who owe you money may also be identified and collected more quickly with this feature.

Save time

And since you can accomplish all of this using text messaging, your staff, like hundreds of others, will be able to save hours of time each week and devote more time to patient care, allowing you to expand your company.

Finding Gaps

We identify areas in which you are allowing chances to slide through the cracks, and it provides you with the tools you need to correct those problems. This practice is unique and most Dental Analytics Companies don’t do it.

Integration With Management System

Our integration with your practice management system allows you to consolidate all of your KPIs into a single, easily accessible dashboard. In addition, analytics provide you with updated measurements in real-time, so you don’t have to wait for new information.


In addition, you’ll notice a list of patients who should be on your schedule but aren’t because of a scheduling error. You’ll see all of their information, as well as opportunities to contact them directly from the dashboard in order to book a meeting.


In our data analytics services, you’ll see a list of patients who haven’t made an appointment yet. You may contact them directly by email, text message, or phone call in order to arrange an appointment for them as soon as possible. Every 15 minutes, the data is updated and refreshed, ensuring that you are constantly aware of any changes. It is imperative that your statistics are constantly up to date since your company evolves on a minute-to-minute basis.


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