How Industry Associations Use Analytics to Gain New Members


Industry associations across many verticals’ main focus continue to be building up their membership base so that they can work on behalf of their member’s collective voice.  Many of these groups have been around for years and have well-established groups of members.  In today’s world with established associations the question still remains, how do we increase our membership base?

Vado Analytics has found that certain industry associations value greatly offering analytic services as part of their membership benefits.  This in turn allows the association to be more than just a collective partner but also offers real-world business insights to improve day-to-day operations.  After all, the main reason member belongs to an association is to derive as many benefits as possible from being a part of a group.

Recent examples of analytic offerings include…

  • Marketplace Definition: where and who should businesses be marketing in order to maximize the ROI of their investment. Furthermore, where are they missing the market in regards to their reach?  Vado helps these members define who their customers are, where they live, and where people that look like them live.
  • Anticipating Market Fluctuations: every industry is subject to market fluctuations based on consumer demand, the economy, and/or legislation. Vado assists members in how to account for expected fluctuations in the market. And how to maximize their advantage from upcoming changes.
  • New Location Opening: the location of a new location will most likely be a key determining factor in the success of a business. Associations are aware of the competition within their industry and can be held accountable for the competition amongst their members.  How do they allow their members to continue to expand their businesses and maximize the growth potential of their industry?  Vado assists locations in determining where to open a location based on market and competition.

If you are a member of an industry association or an association itself, Vado can help you expand your member base through analytic offerings that most small businesses could not afford.  Interested in learning more?  Let’s talk.

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