How Marketing Automation Integrates Analytics

How Marketing Automation Integrates Analytics

In today’s world, there are countless marketing automation offerings out there. And this increased competition is causing some players to look for unique offerings to incorporate into their platforms.  Vado Analytics works with multiple of these vendors to incorporate AI campaign optimization with the automated workflows offered by marketing automation offerings.  This allows for fully automated self-learning marketing campaigns to be put on autopilot. Allowing business owners to focus on running their businesses.

Now, why is this important?  Marketing automation platforms are a tool that makes running multi-channel marketing campaigns much more efficient than a decade ago.  The problem is that these software are tools, it is up to the user to know. How to effectively set up a campaign’s targeting criteria for the software to execute.  The problem is that most business owners do not have the insight into their consumer base to know how to set up a campaign and who to target.

Vado fixes this problem for a majority of businesses.  Our targeting offerings allow a business owner to identify their most engaged consumers, find look-a-likes in their trade area, and determine the most efficient channels to engage with them.

Now, this is just steps one.  What if you wanted to target key competitors with campaigns to take their market share and make it your own.  With our competitive overlay functionality, Vado is able to tell any retail business the competitive nature of their marketplace, where to target given competitors, and how to conquer their trade area given their marketing objectives.

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