New Location Placement


New Location Placement

Stop guessing on where to open your location. Using 3rd party GPS data we can tell you the optimal area to open you new location based on who goes to retail store location database, your competitors’ stores, and the areas that are least served in the marketplace.

Instead of guessing one of the most important aspects of your business, make an informed decision of where your new location should be. In addition, use our analysis to determine the appropriate marketing plan to ensure that your new locations is a success and what we have done now!

Vado Analytics Locations
Vado Analytics

Strategic Location Selection

Our approach is to be with you from start to finish of your location expansion. We recommend where your location should be and will work with your real estate team to determine the appropriate sites.

But that is only half of the effort, we will then work with your marketing departments to implement a marketing strategy that ensures results. If we have 1st party transaction detail we are also able to provided an expected revenue forecast for the first 24 months of the new store, so you are able to plan accordingly with best data analytics companies in world.