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Increased commercial activities have led to an increase in use of data by businesses which they have collected from their own operations such as from POS or from retail industry as a whole. This is then analyzed to draw conclusion which are of key importance to the businesses. Many a times this job is done by retail analytics Startups, who might be new to their work but have knowledge to render results.

What are retail analytics?

It is the collection analytical datasets that when analyse provide valuable information to the retailers to improve their business operations. This includes holding optimum quantity of inventory, determining reorder levels or understanding customer preferences to stock what customers are willing to buy. Retail analytics not only helps in operations level, it also offers good insight to marketeers who can direct the promotional activities as per the retail analytics and achieve better sales. They can also use the information from retail analytics to predict about possible future trends and try come up with products / services accordingly. Due to a rise in demand for this, there have been an increase in the retail analytics startups as well.

If benefits of a retail analytics are concerned then there are many to mention. It helps business analytics to make well informed decisions. It is aim at improving the overall satisfaction level of customers base statistical models analysing consumer’s buying patterns, trends, store performance, etc.

As mentioned above that there has been an increase in the retail analytics startups and its market is continuously expanding. Due to its promising results, more and. More businesses are choosing their services to gain that competitive edge over their business rivals. By, 2025 the retail analytics startups are expect to increase by 18% to almost $10 Billion worth of valuation by then. An enterprise can therefore have competitive advantage by adopting retail analytics in areas of marketing, sales, planning as well as operations.

Retail analytics startups are using various modern technologies to render services like never before. They are using statistical modelling, machine learning technology to generate algorithms to analyse information collected from say PoS. Machine learning technology is basically form of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Which involves where computer-operated systems which collects information and automatically learns. And corrects from their learnings of various experience without any further programming.

This technology is very rapidly getting adopted by many labels and retailers who wish to be outstanding in performance. Most widely used feature of machine learning is recommendation engines. And chat bots which improves over time as they learn from their experience. Data analysed by machine learning helps in gathering information. This information is generally in a bulk quantity which produce interpretations that reflect. The reality of the customer’s buying trend as well as their preferences.

Hence,  startups are on the rise and considering the recent trend are all set to continue to rise in numbers. They offer retailers access of data which is very valuable. For them to bring about a significant improvement in their businesses. On the front end as well as at operational level i.e. increasing business’s ROI.

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