The Power of Knowing Your Customers

The Power of Knowing Your Customers

When I ask an overwhelming majority of our small and medium-size clients who their customers are, they respond with “Oh that’s easy our customers look like this…”.  But when I then ask, how do you know who your customers are, it’s generally silence.  It doesn’t have to be this way!  With evolutions in technology, businesses can know who their customers are, where they live, and what they look like.  This was the fundamental problem that Vado was trying to solve for any business, regardless of size or their ability to capture first-party data.

Take our single location analysis.  By only entering your business address we can tell you all of the people that have visited your location, where they reside, and over 1,400 data points about their interests/hobbies/income/etc.  This gives you an all-encompassing view of who your current customers are and where look a-likes are as well.

In addition, learn how to craft your message in a way that is best received by your target market.  Meaning what else are they interested in that could help make your message stand out?  Also, learn what marketing channels your customers respond to, is it display ads or TV?

All of this makes our clients more informed about their marketing strategy and potential growth opportunities for their business.  Something that could not have been possible in the past unless you were a large business with a dedicated analytics team.

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