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Technology can help businesses win over the edge. Enterprises that are constantly upgrading themselves with the changes in IT are the ones to survive and succeed in future. AI and other tools such as machine learning technology is used to learn about the buying patterns of customers. This information is collect in bulk and interpret by data scientists to make reports which predicts possible future trends. This entire act may sound too simple. However, in reality it requires high level of expertise to analyze all information. The top 10 data analytics companies in the world are IBM, Splunk, Absolutdata, Cloudera, Mu Sigma, Numerator, vadoanalytics, Fractal Analytics, Oracle, iTech Art.

The famous top 10 data analytics companies in the world:

  • IBM: a US based multinational company with operations in more then 171 countries. It is famous for their contributions in IT for SQL language, UPC barcodes, relational database, etc.
  • Splunk: This a software company located San Francisco. This US base firm is known for being the first to come up with software designed to check, search and study data that is generated by machines in website form of user-interface.
  • AbsolutData: They are data scientist who merged Machine learning and AI. They offer Off-the-Shelf AI solutions to retail businesses.
  • Cloudera: A famous software company based in the US. They use machine learning and data –analytics to find information from data.
  • Mu Sigma: A data scientist firm based in India is know data science and data analytics services.
  • Fractal Analytics: a US based company with operations in UK and India. They are know for their services of Artificial Intelligence and data analytics.
  • Numerator: this is also an US-based firm known for working on market research and working with data and producing valuable insights. All this using first part consumer data.
  • Oracle: One of the oldest IT companies offering various IT Services and Software solutions. They have heir own data analysis software which uses Machine learning technology and helps businesses in data analysis.
  • vadoanalytics: based in Washington DC and Chicago. Are acclaim for their outstanding services as data scientists. They have several successful projects under their belt. They use highly sophisticated technology to help businesses understand their customers and deliver excellent performance by effective marketing.


iTechArt: a Data Analyst Company based in US. They offer services such as Real-Time and Predictive data analytics. They help businesses in optimizing their processes and offer them insights into various areas based on bulk of user interactions.

It is evident that more and more businesses are accepting the importance of this technology of data analytics and are keen to invest more in the same. The top 10 data analytics companies in the world, are all using analytical tools to help businesses to make key decisions and using this information to optimize business operations. Therefore, services of these top 10 data analytics companies in the world are becoming more and more famous over the past few years.

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