Voc collection tools for enterprises

Voc collection tools for enterprises

Businesses are now more customer centric then ever before. To achieve this goal firms are focusing more and more on improving the customer experience to retain them as well as to get new customers. To make a difference, firms are making an effort to develop an understanding of what are customers likes and dislikes. Based on their preference they make flexible improvements to goods/services. Understanding of customer wants can also open doors to market niches unexplored by other producers/sellers. Its clear that knowing customers can be of utmost importance. For this reason, businesses are using Voc collection tools.

There are various Voc collection tools that are available in the market. However, a business needs to see which one is adaptable by them. First let’s see what is VoC tool?

Voc collection tools are a combination of programs, processes or tools that are used to better understand customer needs and in turn help businesses improve overall customer experience.  It gives businesses an insight in getting to know your customers’ behavior, problems faced by them, preferences, helping businesses to improve their customer satisfaction. VoC data were collect through various methods and helps in analyzing almost all aspects of the business.

There has been an increase in businesses investing more on Voc collection tools as they adapt more of a customer-centric approach. It’s a key tool that leads businesses to increase in revenue, helps in retaining existing customers and also optimizes business operations.

Voice of the Customer Voc collection tools:

Collecting data for VoC is a very broad term as there are many areas that needs interrogation. Once the time-consuming act of data collection is done then it need collating it to make it more meaningful and actionable for businesses. This entire process can be very challenging but with some good sophisticated tools, this can be done more swiftly.

Some of the widely used Voc collection tools are as following:

  • Medallia: They developed a software that can collect bulk amount of customer feedback from various sources such as through website, email or via phone. This software were know as Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM).
  • ResponseTek: is a platform from where businesses can use targeted surveys or collect customer surveys based on their actions. It collects customer’s survey through either email or website or from various social media applications.
  • Clarabridge: this acts as a center of various VoC campaigns. It uses surveys, chat conversations, social media applications, email and many other sources for collecting and corelating the customer data.
  • ConfirmIt: This offers users to choose many survey options and collate the responses from these surveys through an easily accessible dashboard.
  • NICE Satmetrix: they are co-developer of Net Promoter Score (NPS). It’s a system that finds out customers who knowingly will act as brand ambassadors using a scoring method. This program collects structured as well as unstructured customer in real time.
  • MaritzCX: This is VoC software that controls a number of data collection methods. It offers a survey builder for all types of surveys. Businesses can use this software to monitor customer response in real-time as well as generate reports in real-time.

Businesses can use Voc collection tools as per their business model. Although using tools is not enough if one does not know how to make use of collected data with top companies for data analyst. It’s recommended to use services of a professional business such as https://vadoanalytics.com/, they will collect the quality VoC and will make it most useful for the business.

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