What is Travel Fatigue Anyways?

What is Travel Fatigue Anyways

Businesses routinely think of marketing in linear terms like “I market to 5 miles radius around my location because that where people come from”, basically drawing a perfect circle around their location.  While that may be partially true, you really need to understand the infrastructure around your location to know where people will come from.

But first, let’s start with what is travel fatigue anyways?  Travel fatigue is the distance people are willing to travel to arrive at your location.  Seems easy enough.  However, it should not really be measured in distance but in time.  Does your location have easy access to a highway, or is it surrounded by local streets?  This matters because of the time commitment your customers (and potential customers) are willing to travel to your location, as opposed to a competitor that may be easier to get to.

This also impacts the effectiveness of your marketing net as you go farther from your location.  Marketing beyond your perfect circle may still have a positive return in some areas, but that won’t always be the case because of the time it takes to get to your location.  Therefore, businesses must understand the infrastructure that surrounds their locations when making informed marketing decisions about how large of a net to cast.

So we started with a perfect circle, when in reality it should look something like the shape below.  If you need help determining how far to cast your net, shoot us an email and we can help.






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