Why Media Companies Should Lead with Analytics

Why Media Companies Should Lead with Analytics

Gone are the days when media companies can lead with the audience. They have, as the introduction of programmatic media channels allows. The audience to become a commodity.  While this is a great advancement for advertisers, it leaves media companies competing. With each other while offering the same audiences.  While most media companies are slow to realize this, those that are successful. In today’s environment have changed the “pitch” to advertisers.  Instead of leading with “this is the audience we bring”, they have changed to leading with “let’s determine who your customers are”.

That is a monumental shift in the landscape of leading with analytics. And also stacks the deck in the back in the favor of media companies and agencies.  By leading with who an advertiser’s customers are, media companies can focus on what is known to work for an advertiser.  This in turn allows them to identify look a-like audiences. Where they live, and the ability to forecast potential ROI lift.  This is a great first step.

Now, what if they took it another step further?  By layering on competitive intelligence, you are then able to determine an advertiser’s marketshare, develop competitive war game scenarios, and get into specific strategies to grow/acquire/maintain customer basesVado Analytics is a leading expert in these types of analysis, allowing advertisers to become more informed than the media channel providers they work with, giving them the ability to drive their marketing plans to care about data analysts.


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