Why Private Equity Companies Should Care About Analytics

Why Private Equity Companies Should Care About Analytics

Analytics: The Private Equity industry can be very lucrative for firms. However, it contains significant risks with investments that don’t work out. Therefore, private equity firms need to investigate the financial state of a potential target company and understand the market and competitive forces at play, which may impact the ability to grow potential targets. This added analysis will allow them to develop an encompassing view of potential targets and which ones are the best bets.

Retail analytics for Private Equities study people as they move about the country, tracking them from where they live to where they go. Once you understand where they live, you have a wealth of information available to make informed decisions. But Vado Analytics takes this one step by analyzing who your competitors’ customers are and where they live. This allows our clients to understand the complete marketplace with competitive pressures from outside forces.

Private Equities have potential target transaction files as a part of their financial diligence. When layering the above on top of transaction data, you can understand which products to stock in which locations (without guessing at their success), what promotions to push (to gain market share from competitors), and a data analytics-driven ability to forecast revenues for future periods.

But what about opening a new location? By understanding where people are coming to your target business and your competitors’. You can identify where the market is they saturate with competition and. Where you are most likely to succeed due to a lack of competing businesses.
Retail analytics is critical to business success, and it just takes finding the right partner. Vado has been helping businesses answer all of the questions above for years. Want to be more informed about your location? Vado can help. Let’s get started.

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