Why Religion Should Care About Data

Why Religion Should Care About Data

Over the last 20 or so years, those that belong to a church has declined severely.  Since 1999, households in the US that belong to a religious center has declined from 70% to 47%!  There are obviously a number of topics that may be driving this trend, however in speaking to leaders within the religious community, they have not tried to leverage analytical technology to determine the cause of this back slide.

Vado data has recently been engaged by two Catholic dioceses in the US.  Both of them had the same fundamental problem, how do we engage younger families in our local communities?  Sure they have a loyal older following, but how long is that sustainable.

We then decided to take a non-traditional approach to predictive analytics, and we looked at the often over-looked softer side of data (people’s interests).  How do you engage in the community?  What interests the households around you?  How do you drive engagement outside of religious service?

Vado has data to answer these questions like should religious centers start a sports league, movie night, hiking club, or addiction session.  These organic “marketing” efforts are how religious centers reach out to the community to show how they can enrich peoples lives.  Given the effort to gain peoples attention today, showing value in the community has proven to be much more effective than traditional marketing.

Faith is an intrinsically good thing, if you want to expand the world’s faith (regardless of religion), Vado Analytics can help.

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