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A good website is one that successfully get a lot of visitors. The more the visitors the greater the web-traffic. In order to check the performance of a web site, analysts and marketing people check for the data which tells about number of visitors on website and source from where they came. Collecting commercial web traffic data and analytics are a key tool to gain competitive edge in the virtual market.

A web traffic analytics system is one that gathers data related to visitors on website and actions done on it such as registering clicks, signing up for newsletter, scrolling or form submissions, etc All these actions are collected by the analytics system and stored with a timestamp and channel information through which website visitor can be traced.

The web traffic analytics helps in comprehending the nature of web traffic, how to boost the number of visitors and how to convert visitors into customers. All this data is essential for success of commercial websites. Let’s quicky review a few terms used in commercial web traffic data and analytics:


  • Hits are the visitors’ actions on the website
  • The collection of hits gathered on basis of time and interaction logic is called sessions.
  • A group of sessions collected on basis of similar browser, systems device, etc are regarded as Users.
  • A measurable index of an event is called a Metric.
  • A particular characteristic of collected data is known as a Parameter.


Website traffic can be analyzed with the help of many readily available tools such as google analytics. This application is a free tool, which is programmed to check the website thoroughly and generates a report on the basis of its examination. This google feature helps in collecting and understanding the website traffic and user’s dataset on their behavior in form of the number of hits and sessions. As per the google analytics logic, actions on the website are registered as hits which groups together to form sessions.

The main purpose of understanding Commercial web site traffic data and analytics is to find out web traffic’s source, metrics and channels. On having access to this information, a website owner can gain access to information such as: Where the visitors are coming from? How do they access the website and become customers? Hence, this can help in getting answers to all such important questions.

This google Analytics application is very helpful but it has its own limitations too which is why its not too famous with many marketers and business owners. Some of its drawbacks are: it ignores cancelled orders, does not consider CRM data, it doesn’t account for promotion campaigns other than google. Campaigns, its characterization models’ scope is limited with inflexibilities.

These limitations can be overcome by hiring services of professional marketeers who are tech gurus in dealing with commercial web traffic and analytics. They have highly sophisticated systems in place with Artificial intelligence and machine learning. The analytical tools owned by them with their technical knowledge of website traffic and analytics makes all the difference in getting potential customers to the web site, this in turn boost sales and lead to business’ success.

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